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Wooden Sign - Owyergoin
Wooden Sign - Owyergoin
FDA: Color Additives
Color Additives Approved for Use in Human Food in the USA.
Lists both the USA and European Economic Community Formats.
Allergic to color additives? Then use these tables (below) to find the USA equivalent to the European Economic Community (EEC) Codes used in the ingredients listings on Australian Made Food Products.  Example: Arnotts Tim Tams contain the following color additives: E102 (Yellow No 5), E110 (Yellow No 6), E129 (Red No 40), E133 (Blue No 1) and E150 (Caramel).

Color Additives Approved for Use in Human Food
Part 74, Subpart A: Color additives subject to batch certification
21 CFR Section Straight Color EEC# Year(2)Approved Uses and Restrictions
74.101 FD&C Blue No. 1 E133 1969 Foods generally.
1993 Added Mn spec.
74.102 FD&C Blue No. 2 E132 1987 Foods generally.
74.203 FD&C Green No. 3 ---- 1982 Foods generally.
74.250 Orange B(3) ---- 1966 Casings or surfaces of frankfurters and sausages; NTE 150 ppm (by wt).
74.302 Citrus Red No. 2 ---- 1963 Skins of oranges not intended or used for processing; NTE 2.0 ppm (by wt).
74.303 FD&C Red No. 3 E127 1969 Foods generally.
74.340 FD&C Red No 40(3) E129 1971 Foods generally.
74.705 FD&C Yellow No. 5 E102 1969 Foods generally.
74.706 FD&C Yellow No. 6 E110 1986 Foods generally.

Color Additives Approved for Use in Human Food
Part 73, Subpart A: Color additives exempt from batch certification(1)
21 CFR Section Straight Color
Year(2)Approved Uses and Restrictions
73.30 Annatto extract E160b 1963 Foods generally.
73.40 Dehydrated beets (beet powder) E162 1967 Foods generally.
73.75 Canthaxanthin(3) E161g 1969 Foods generally, NTE 30 mg/lb of solid or semisolid food or per pint of liquid food; May also be used in broiler chicken feed.
73.85 Caramel E150a-d 1963 Foods generally.
73.90 beta-Apo-8'-carotenal E160e 1963 Foods generally, NTE: 15 mg/lb solid, 15 mg/pt liquid.
73.95 beta-Carotene E160a 1964 Foods generally.
73.100 Cochineal extract E120 1969 Foods generally.
Carmine 1967
73.125 Sodium copper chlorophyllin(3) E141 2002 Citrus-based dry beverage mixes NTE 0.2 percent in dry mix; extracted from alfalfa.
73.140 Toasted partially defatted cooked cottonseed flour ---- 1964 Foods generally.
73.160 Ferrous gluconate ---- 1967 Ripe olives.
73.165 Ferrous lactate ---- 1996 Ripe olives.
73.169 Grape color extract(3) E163? 1981 Nonbeverage food.
73.170 Grape skin extract (enocianina) E163? 1966 Still & carbonated drinks & ades; beverage bases; alcoholic beverages (restrict. 27 CFR Parts 4 & 5).
73.200 Synthetic iron oxide(3) E172 1994 Sausage casings NTE 0.1 percent (by wt).
73.250 Fruit juice(3) ---- 1966 Foods generally.
1995 Dried color additive.
73.260 Vegetable juice(3) ---- 1966 Foods generally.
1995 Dried color additive, water infusion.
73.300 Carrot oil ---- 1967 Foods generally.
73.340 Paprika E160c 1966 Foods generally.
73.345 Paprika oleoresin E160c 1966 Foods generally.
73.450 Riboflavin E101 1967 Foods generally.
73.500 Saffron E164 1966 Foods generally.
73.575 Titanium dioxide E171 1966 Foods generally; NTE 1 percent (by wt).
73.600 Turmeric E100 1966 Foods generally.
73.615 Turmeric oleoresin E100 1966 Foods generally.

Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
Food Ingredients and Packaging 
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